As a global furniture supplier, we have warehouses in the US, EU, and South Korea.

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Jestel Group Support Overseas Warehouse Direct Sale——Office Chairs & Service In Wholesale & Distribution & Retail!
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A unique coalescence of our own design brand
furniture and Premier customized furniture.

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What Separates
Jestel Group——
From the Competitors?

  • Professional

    Founded on product and market advantages integrated from strategic resources that and accumulated over the years, Jestel Group is highly specialized in every step of product design, R&D and marketing, large
    cargo overseas warehouses and logistics.

  • Minimum Price

    As a large-scale firm, Jestel Group can provide the most preferential prices to the partners under our own conditions of in-depth self-production, as well as our efficient and intensive operations.

  • Global Reach

    Jestel Group’s furniture is sold all over the world, a testament to the consistent quality of all our overseas products. We even have different products uniquely developed to meet the demands of different overseas
    cultural markets; the certificates in local languages are all provided.

  • Friendly Policy

    Jestel Group offers small and medium-sized businesses the same resources, solutions and support offered in the wider corporate world. In fact, under the premise of ensuring sufficient supply and fast delivery,
    Jestel Group is willing to provide market product data to small and medium-sized enterprises, in order to develop and grow together.

We created our own furniture brands, and we use our wealth of experience to

help the others build theirs…

Our business has been proven in the market…

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As a manufacturer and international trade corporation, we ensure superior standards to meet wholesalers, brand owners, and importers’ needs. Here, you are not just purchasing a single piece of furniture, you’re receiving a full-service solution, comprised of services across a range of strategic pillars: market trends, brand research, product designing and manufacturing, from global warehouse storage to logistics.