Our CEO Steven Li And Two New Business Partners Were Discussing Gaming Chairs Enthusiastically At The Canton Fair!


STORY & experience

Jestel Group was named by founder Steven Li and his wife Jessica. Together, the power couple built Jestel from the ground up. Steven Li has a combined two decades of experience across FOB business, brick and mortar stores and cross-border retail – a testament to his credentials in the industry.

Now, with his wide-ranging experience and expertise, he has a fine-tuned focus on design –producing cutting-edge furniture that is highly specialized for Small Offices & the Home. Jestel Group is a pioneer in the Small office & Home office furniture industry, inspired by a mission to provide innovative design ideas inspired from our vast world of cultures.

Jestel Group is a large corporation with access to a series of complete product industry supply chains. The company has a particularly distinct advantage in both overseas warehouses and logistics of the big pieces. Jestel has 20000+ storage products in overseas warehouses, and there are alternative delivery policies such as 3 day arrival and 7 days shipping.





Jestel Group involves many overseas furniture brands and self-owned furniture brands that are designed specially with Small offices & Home offices in mind. All the products across our selected brands have been carefully designed, going through constant and rigorous modification and quality control to maintain the integrity of our high quality. They are the most cost-effective high-performance products that can be found on the market today.


  • A Comfortable Working & Studying Environment Is So Vital For Us, As It's An Important Prerequisite To Be Focused & Efficient!

    Work in most people’s daily lives is so constant that it colors the reality in the modern world. When you spend your time working in an office, a good environment will stimulate your productivity, while promoting a less stressful work environment and making work more enjoyable.

  • Good Ergonomic Office Chairs Can Help You To Work In A Comfortable & Healthy Sitting Position Easily Even For A Long Time!

    We believe work should not have create anxiety, wrack your nerves or fatigue you. Everyone deserves a relaxing and cheerful working environment. We dedicate to producing SOHO furniture, bringing fresh, innovative and impactful designs to the workplace.

We are Jestel Group

We focus on the design, production and export of fine office furniture. Our mission is to deliver furniture and design areas that reflect your unique needs while promoting productivity and bringing enjoyment to the workplace.