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How to judge whether the chair we bought has potential safety hazard?

May.24, 2021

Is the chair I bought safe? This should be the biggest concern when purchasing chairs of different quality. After all, if the chair is not good, our body will suffer. In fact, the safety problems of chairs mainly lie in two aspects: one is the gas pistons and the other is the wheelbase. We often see many English letters on the gas pistons and wheelbase of the chair, such as SGS, LANT, BIFM… What do these letters mean? These are the certification marks for the gas pistons. Then, what is an authentication mark? Continue reading…

SGS is an established third-party certification organization. It is the world’s largest, most qualified technology appraisal company and a very authoritative certification body in the world. SGS is an internationally recognized organization in terms of its professionalism, quality, and integrity. That is to say, the gas piston with SGS certification mark is in line with international quality standards. This implies that if the gas piston is being used properly, there will be no safety problems. What about SGS grade 3 and grade 4 gas pistons? The different levels of SGS certification are mainly determined by the thickness of tube wall of the gas pistons. The thicker the tube wall, the higher the certification level of the gas piston, and the safer it is. But do not panic. It is not that those gas pistons without grade 3 and 4 certifications are considered not safe. In fact, having SGS certification is good enough for normal chairs. The higher the certification level is, the greater the psychological comfort will be, making customers feel that this chair is safer.

Apart from SGS certification, there is a more common certification which is BIFMA certification. It is a non-profit certification organization in the United States, whose full name is called Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturers Association. This standard is used to measure the quality of furniture in the United States. Furniture from other countries must pass the BIFMA certification before entering the United States, mainly to examine the stability, strength, and fatigue of furniture. Due to the strict requirements of BIFMA certification, it has also been recognized internationally. In fact, SGS is a certification organization, and BIFMA is a certification standard. SGS can issue BIFMA test reports. There are other certification marks, such as the German safety certification TUV, which is widely recognized in Germany and Europe.

What is the use of so many certifications? In fact, every additional certification on the computer chair provides a guarantee for the safety of the chair. Having more certifications means that the product quality is better, but the price is also more expensive. I read some articles that only recommend products with grade 4 gas pistons on the premise of ensuring safety. In fact, it is unnecessary, some mainstream brands have never had a safety accident involving an explosion, so basically having SGS certification is enough. However, if you are heavy, it is still recommended to consider the grade of gas pistons and other certification standards.