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Redefining the Workplace

Aug.17, 2021

The Covid19 pandemic situation and current regulations have led companies whose activities permit them to opt for telecommuting so that their workers can perform their work activities from home.


Most workers who work from home probably do not have the space, furniture in the office, and conditions necessary to perform their work activities efficiently and comfortably. This makes it necessary to create a workspace at home.


How to create a work area at home?


One of the great advantages of working at home is that we can design the space to our liking. This allows us to give much more autonomy to our work. However, not every place is ideal for working from home. It is necessary to follow certain steps so that the work, besides being comfortable, is fruitful. These are just some elements to take into consideration:


1、Choose the Right Place


If you want to create an office out of a room in your house, you need to be sure you are using the right place. Set up a suitable place, designate a room or area where the work activities will be carried out, adapting a space in the home as a workplace with the minimum conditions necessary to take care of the workers’ health, even if it is temporary.


2、Try to isolate


If you want your work properly, you must try to isolate your work from the rest of the house, to avoid interruptions from family and relatives. It may be easier in a bedroom than in common spaces such as the dining room, living room, etc.  This measure also helps to avoid noises to concentrate better, both external (neighborhood) and internal (appliances, children, conversations, etc.)


3、Furniture in the office


First of all, it would be good for you to look for an office desk, it can be a computer desk or study desk, depending on your preferences.

Also, try to find an ergonomic chair so that you will be comfortable during your working time. (see also the best 5 chairs for your home office.)

After you have found the best office chair, you are ready to work. It is important to say that furniture in an office is not only indispensable for your home office, but it is also indispensable for your conventional office. So make sure you furnish your office well.




Once you have equipped yourself with an ergonomic chair and are installed at your office desk, you should make sure you have good lighting.

Adequately illuminate the work area. When using work tools as display devices, adequate lighting reduces eyestrain. The ideal is to have natural lighting, and if it is deficient, supplement it with artificial light. Use curtains or blinds to avoid glare or excess light.




If office furniture in the office is important for comfort, so is the temperature. Regulate the temperature. In places without a current of fresh air, it is advisable to adjust the temperature by means of electrical appliances between 20 and 24°C in winter or cold climates and between 23 and 26°C in summer or places with hot climates.


How is your workplace? We want to know your opinion.