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The 5 most ergonomic leather chairs for your home office

Jul.27, 2021

Your office chair is more than a chair, it’s the place where your most critical business decisions are made. Everyday, you assess possibilities and ascertain potentials. But with many of us working from home – there is no better time for absolute certainty.


If you spend more than two hours a day sitting down in a chair, chances are you need to invest in one that will mitigate the risk of any health problems associated with a sedentary position. You need an office chair aligned not only with your spine, but with your long-term goals.


So, how do you know you’re getting the right chair for your needs? With over decades of experience in the industry, we’ve developed a range of specialist home office chairs that address all your pain points.


(1) Old Fashion Luxury Boss Executive Massage Chair

Meet Arthur, the Old-Fashioned Executive luxurious office chair that is ideal for both home offices and boardrooms. With an ergonomically designed and completely eye-catching composition, this chair features a high, rounded back with padded arms, seating and spinal support for added comfort. It sits on a robust metallic base that is primed and polished – adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your workspace.


(2) Folding Mesh Office Chair With Wide Fabric Seat

Zilean offers the suave style of a modern office chair, with a convenient foldable back so you can tuck it neatly under your desk. Easily adjustable and accommodating to every possible working position, this chair is advanced enough to regulate your temperature thanks to the innovative mesh backrest. It keeps you cool on hot summer days – allowing for air, body heat and water vapour to pass through the seat. No matter how you move in the chair, the plump cushioned seating and mesh back provide comfort all day.


(3) PU Leather Stitching Color Soft Office Chair

Tetris makes its presence known. It combines substance and style to make the bold statement that office chairs don’t have to be boring. The cushioned seat lays flat, with no hard edges and a spacious design. It features a height adjustable naturally-curved back, offering firm lumbar support for long working hours. Choose from five different color options to match your unique space.


(4) High Back Leather Computer Desk Chair

Mario is specifically designed with cushioned leather to reduce pressure during long working periods. It has a higher seat at the front, to position your legs in alignment with your spine – placing you in a more comfortable position that prevents you from sinking throughout the day. This chair is ideal to use with desk top computers.



(5) High Back Executive Chair With Built-in Lumbar Support

Warrior lives up to its name – a bold chair fit for purpose. With built in lumbar support, it allows you to sink into a snug position for all-day comfort. The reclining chair has a locking system, enabling you to securely keep the right angle for as long as you need to.  Plus, the heavy-duty nylon base and nylon rolling casters make it incredibly easy to move around, while also keeping you steady when you need to work.



Some people prefer age-old elegance, others like the sleek linear lines found in the modern world. Wherever your preference lies, we provide premium home office furniture at unrivalled prices.