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  • What Makes Our Furniture Superior?

    Industry disrupting designs – it’s how we distinguish ourselves from the competition.

  • What Makes a Good Office Chair?

    If the average office worker calculated how much time they spend in their office chair, they would be surprised. At an average 40 hour per week job or role, a businessman can accumulate approximately 1900 hours over the course of a year – and sometimes with the busy seasonal changes, people sit in their chair longer than they sleep!

  • Redefining the Workplace

    The Covid19 pandemic situation and current regulations have led companies whose activities permit them to opt for telecommuting so that their workers can perform their work activities from home.

  • How Covid-19 change the way we work?

    Covid19 has undoubtedly changed the way people work. Many people who used to go to their office on a regular basis have started working from home; making their home office. However, how does covid19 change the way we work? What can we do to deal with it? Stay with us and find out.

  • The 5 most ergonomic leather chairs for your home office

    Your office chair is more than a chair, it’s the place where your most critical business decisions are made. Everyday, you assess possibilities and ascertain potentials. But with many of us working from home – there is no better time for absolute certainty.

  • How to choose the right office chair for yourself?

    1.Line of Sight Close your eyes and open them slowly, you should be looking at the center of your monitor screen. If the position of the monitor is too high or too low, make necessary adjustments to reduce the strain on your neck.