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  • How do office workers take precaution against Cervical Spondylosis?

    Be it for a white-collar worker, planner, copywriter, author, and for many types of long-term desk job workers, there are two items to invest in. The first item is keyboard, which is your productivity tool. It is the thing you touch the most every day.

  • What kind of ergonomic chair is the most suitable for you?

    As we all know, you get what you pay for, although expensive chairs cost a little bit more, everything else is top notch! Only the design of a good chair can conform to the human body structure. Conforming to the human body structure ensures smooth blood circulation, this leads to an increased production of oxygen, which allows people to think effectively, put in better work performance and help the company to earn more money…

  • How to judge whether the chair we bought has potential safety hazard?

    Is the chair I bought safe? This should be the biggest concern when purchasing chairs of different quality. After all, if the chair is not good, our body will suffer. In fact, the safety problems of chairs mainly lie in two aspects: one is the gas pistons and the other is the wheelbase. We often see many English letters on the gas pistons and wheelbase of the chair, such as SGS, LANT, BIFM…