Our friendly policy to small and medium companies

  • 1.

    Minimum order quantity

    We have specially low requests of minimum order quantity, and we
    accept a lower container load.

  • 2.

    deliver time

    Compared to most manufacturers, we operate with 6-8x faster speed. For example, where the usual factory has a 60-80 days delivery time, we deliver goods to our client within 2 weeks.

  • 3.

    adequate stocks

    We store goods for our partners, which not only reduces the risk of unreliability but saves up the cost of rent.

Our Products Are Mature Products Which Have Already Been Tested & Proven In American And European Markets!

User’s feedback approved

Verified by the mass market

Zero-risk production selection

Our Support

  • Product Data

    We provide our distributors with complete product materials including instructions and professional certificates, product descriptions, pictures and videos.

  • Marketing Data

    We can provide the review of different items, as well as providing the volume of sales and pricing advice for a single item in one specific region.

  • After Sales Service

    We hold ourselves responsible for all after-sales. We promise that all non-artificially damaged items can be returned; damaged parts can also be replaced unconditionally.

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Only 4 steps to complete your acquistion.
  • STEP 1

    Seletc the item Inquiry for Quotation

  • STEP 2

    Accept the order, Sign the sales contract

  • STEP 3

    Delivery, Receipt the products

  • STEP 4

    Complite the order, After sales service


Getting Started

Q: What’s your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

A: 20 pieces if ship from an overseas warehouse, 30 pieces if shipped from China.

Q: May I select different items if I buy a total amount of 20 pieces?

A: Yes, our customers can combine any model in our stock.

Q: Do you accept drop shipping?

A: No, sorry. We do not accept drop shipping.

Q: May I have a sample to test before ordering?

A: Yes, samples can be sent for evaluation and you are welcome to provide feedback.


Q: What is the delivery time?

A: For 20 pieces to 100 pieces: 3 working days from an overseas warehouse. From China: 7-14 days. As for a full container order (around 400 pieces), 30 days on average to finish production.

Q: Can you deliver the goods to several different addresses?

A: No, sorry. For logistical reasons, we can only deliver your goods to one address.


Q: What is the most common payment method?

A: Normally for the first purchase, we accept telegraphic transfer, letter of credit or PayPal.

Q: Do I need to pay a prepayment?

A: Yes. The customer needs to pay a certain percentage of the advance payment according to the order amount.

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